Features and Benefits

Abillance.com - The logic and impacts of Transitive RightsWhatever you do in business you never do alone. If you face the challenge of managing multiple portfolios, coordinating changeable work processes, and keeping your quality standards neat, then we can seriously help.

Project Alliance: What is it exactly?

Fragmentation and re-integration of business environment resulting in the birth of project alliancesProject Alliances are some of the most dynamic forms of business partnerships. While their nature varies from project to project, their competitive potential keeps growing. We are entering the era of alliancing at the medium business level.

<) Where Strategy Meets Action



Abillance brings an unparalleled power to break strategic plans into manageable structures of action steps.

We provide turn-key consultancy related to strategic planning, project management, process analysis and optimisation, project organisation and communication. Abilance also supports corporate management by taking the role of project assurance and supervising the overall project culture.


We often become our clients' strategic partners.


Strategy execution becomes much easier with Abillance methods built upon a unique cloud platform. Complex yet flexible planning is securely shared among all stakeholders. Unique team and rights management based on personal responsibility together with transparent task assignment provide a great environment for efficient project delivery.


Our firm link between the strategic vision, tactical plan and oprational execution keeps our clients' complex organisational or alliance projects aligned, controllable and executable.

Virtually nothing stands between the strategic ideas and their realisation.

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Effective Organisational Design

The key task stakeholders are: Assigner, Guarantor and ExecutorPains and gains are shared closely among alliance stakeholders, putting high demands on their organisational skills. Here are some ideas, suggestions and systemic solutions that would work to their favour.

Scaling a Business Process

Phasing and Segmentation - Enablers of Systemic ScalabilityScaling a work process is only possible by means of phasing, segmentation and controlled modification. Proper scaling can dramatically improve the impacts of a process.

Distributing Business Drivers

Tactical Planning and Work AlignmentAny business activity is a process of achieving projected outcomes. The more we focus on detail, the more we find the same scalable elements of a simple purpose – to drive work. Assuming that any process is divisible, the most critical advantage for a business environment would be the ability of aligning the largest, most complex of its business drivers with the smallest ones and vice versa. This function can be imagined as zooming in and out of a business process.

System Between Creativity and Order

The balance between creativity and order.As it is important to give human creativity certain order to achieve an outcome, it is not less important to allow certain amount of creativity within order. Evolution is a process of adaptation. Adaptability of a system is a measure of how well creativity and order can work together in achieving outcomes.

True Elements of Decision Making

Insufficient time causing incorrect decisions that cause insufficient time. It's a vicious circle.Success in any business depends on the ability of distributing information and time in the amounts that would produce profitable ratio between resources spent and outcomes achieved.

Forming a Work Structure

Strategic Focus - a simplistic view of project's strategic elements.The magic of effective work management is the ability to link the work elements not only within a planned business process but also within a corporate and inter-corporate environment of multiple individuals and multiple entities.

Securing your work

Abillance strategy execution services are based on a cloud computing platform. The cloud runs on highly secured servers hosted by renowned providers in London and Prague. The cloud, when utilised, complies with cloud European security standards ENISA

Quick Start Guide

Please read the brief Quick Start Guide that will take you through the very first steps with our cloud computing platform. From receiving and installing the security certificate, to your first login and system overview.

<) Ministry to establish Strategic Project Management Office with Abillance

Czech Ministry of Health decided to open its Strategic Project Management Office in May and chose Abillance to make it happen in a record time and with matchless costs.

Abillance will help the future internal team to get turbo-charged. They will surely need it.

<) International developer Saller Group using Abillance to endorse their best practices

Saller Group uses Abillance to prepare and disseminate a complex process model throughout their partner network in commercial development projects to dramatically improve project delivery in the Czech Republic. 

<) UCEEB research project benefits from using Abillance

International research project UCEEB (University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings) is successfully deploying Abillance solution in planning, structuring and managing significant costruction and technological investments.

The use of our electronic auction module saves great amount of money when used in tendering process.

<) University department runs on Abillance

Department of Construction Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague is implementing Abillance as their organisational management system. 

<) Creditreform International uses Abillance

A renowned credit and risk management network Creditreform International have chosen Abillance systemic solution and knowledge services to help structure, model and manage their European collaborative project.

<) Major university to embrace Abillance

Czech Technical University in Prague have selected Abillance and our related educational program as a supplementary subject for their master students in order to provide them with up-to-date methods and tools for business project management.